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JUMPTOmenu turns your users into power users

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This is why your website needs JUMPTOmenu

Feature discovery

  • Overview of available pages
  • Popular items seen first
  • Promoted content to the top

Convenient navigation

  • Instant search
  • Expected behaviour
  • Keyboard navigation

Customer retention

  • Deeper engagement
  • Stickiness of power users
  • Common ⌘K experience


a powerful

⌘K navigation menu

as in Notion or GitHub

to your Website

in just 3 steps


Choose settings


Start using


• Set your website information

• How menu items should be displayed?

• Should we scope items per user?


• Takes less than 5 minutes

• Copy snippet from the Settings page

• Add to the header of your Website

• Deploy to production

Every user is a power user


  • Find your page instantly
  • Jump to a page in one click


  • Jump with a key combination
  • Hit ⌘ and a digit


  • Start frequently used items
  • Move them to the top

Keyboard navigation

  • Move around without a mouse
  • Up, down, left, right to find
  • Enter to jump

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